Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Milan Fashion Week Trend Report: Bohemian Luxe

Full of bold statements and cohesive collections, Milan's Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week was one of the best all around in many years. One of my favorite trends from this past week was the bohemian luxe look. Taking a cue from the 70's, this new take combines two of the major trends of that era: hippie-chic and disco glam. While it sounds completely over-the-top, designers proved that these styles can actually counter each other with beautiful results.

Alberta Ferretti paired a festival-ready crop top and Western belt trio with a gorgeous tiered maxi skirt. Choosing a vibrant purple shantung for the fabric gave the look a regal twist.

A plunging neckline and intricate embellishments over mesh were featured on this anything-but-granola gown at Roberto Cavalli. The braided detail in the crisscross neckline and the pattern created by the beading provided the bohemian feel.

This look, at Etro, paired a patchwork dress with a baroque jacket, proving the chic results when playing the balancing act of two different styles.

Fendi's floral printed sheer dress got the luxe treatment in the styling department. The highlight of this was using make up artist Pat McGrath's sought-after glittering Lust lipstick to show how a flash of gold can give any look a glam turn.

Even the eternally understated Armani designed a luxe silvery 2-piece look with a gypset vibe, using the jogger silhouette for the pants paired with flat shoes.

The earth tones in Missoni's maxi dress became something special with the unique glimmer of embroidered gold throughout.

At first glance, this look from Versace could seem like an open-weave dress (a bohemian staple). However shimmering paillettes were used to create the sexy chain-mail style.

The 70's were a time of revolutionary change and insurgent fashion. Sound familiar? We are currently facing a world of unrest and in need of forward-thinkers. Usually influenced by cultural and social attitudes, this may be what the designers had in mind when creating their Spring/Summer 2017 collections. At once whimsical and elegant, bohemian luxe is a fashion trend that can spark creativity and bounce anyone out of a fashion rut. So when thinking about your next fashion foray, channel your inner flower child and take her out to the disco.

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